Case Study

Case Study 1:

Success Story

When a prominent Japanese manufacturer found themselves in a dire staffing predicament, they were on the brink of operational inefficiency and dwindling credibility.

 The Challenge:

A grueling 12-hour, 6-day work schedule had led to the departure of crucial employees. With a staggering 76 positions vacant for over nine months, they faced hurdles in running their second and third shifts efficiently. This staffing void threatened not just their operations but also their reputation and bottom line.

Our Solution:


First 48 hours:

We jumped into action, filling 45

positions promptly. The highlight? No no-



In 7 Days:

Another 20 roles were seamlessly

occupied. The retention rate was a

commendable 85%.


In 14 Days:

We achieved full staffing, with a robust

78% retention.


Our rapid response, combined with a keen understanding of the manufacturer’s needs, led to a turnaround story worth celebrating. Challenges abound in the corporate world, but with the right partner, they transform into opportunities for growth.