Inspection And Containment

Global Provider Of
Quality Assurance

As a Global Provider of Quality Assurance, Quality Drives Everything We Do At Talent Management Group, we’re dedicated to excellence in every aspect of quality assurance. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that quality remains at the forefront of your manufacturing process.

Inspection / Sorting

Our on-site inspectors are ready to respond within hours, reducing liability and maintaining project integrity. We provide multi-site QA support across a global footprint

Quality Liaisons and Rework and Repair

Our expert teams specialize in correcting failed, defective, or nonconforming parts, minimizing the loss of time and resources. Our quality liaison helps keep you in favor with your customer when nonconformities occur and helps you manage your product away from your plant.

Quality Assurance Engineering

Our experienced engineering staff offers comprehensive QA support, Quality Systems Development, and Metrology Services to enhance your quality processes.


Rapid-deploy teams are at your service, ensuring minimal damage from defective parts. Our warehouse locations are available for offsite support, offering added convenience.

Launch Support

Count on us to eliminate non-conformities and provide new-product support leading up to launch, ensuring a seamless transition.

Scanning Technology

We leverage cutting-edge scanning technology to capture and deliver real-time inspection results.
Global Provider of Quality Assurance
When You Have an Issue, We Go to Work
Talent Management Group is your trusted partner for quality solutions, serving OEMs and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers across the US and Canada. Our unwavering
commitment to quality has driven our expansion across various manufacturing sectors.

Our Service Solutions

Providing Quality Support Services to Manufacturers Our best practices consistently deliver exceptional results, focusing on speed, accuracy, flexibility, and attention to detail. As an immediate resource when quality issues arise, we offer resources throughout the United States and Canada, making Talent
Management Group the right choice for your third-party outsourced quality solutions.

Quality Management,
Engineering, And Technical
Support Services

Project Management
Value Stream Analysis and Continuous Improvement Deployment
Proactive and Reactive Root Cause Analysis along with Countermeasure
Advanced Quality Planning and Risk Analysis
New Product Launch Support
Process Auditing
Containment Services

At Talent Management Group, we’re your trusted partner in achieving superior quality throughout your manufacturing process. Contact us today to learn how our scalable service solutions can benefit your business.